Think Like Your Audience: 9 Conversion Triggers in Email

Study after study shows that psychology is the heart of marketing. The more you’re able to reach audiences on a human level (and in a way they connect with), the better positioned you’ll be to drive sales.

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably well-aware that psychology and online marketing go hand-in-hand. You know how important it is to build trust, demonstrate a clear solution to a particular need, and clearly answer the question – ‘what’s in it for me?’. These concepts are marketing 101.

What’s challenging, however, is what to do next. How can you take these online marketing concepts and reposition them into a clear customer acquisition, engagement, and retention plan? How do some of the most well-known psychology triggers apply to email marketing?

These questions inspired us to write this guide, to give you an insight into how psychology can help your email marketing. We have compiled 9 psychological triggers that, if implemented, will ramp up your marketing strategy.