Why legal compliance is important?

Video transcript:

Legal compliance is certainly very important, because by enforcing the most important legal requirements, we’re able to establish and maintain really good relationships with the ISPs, which of course can only help with deliverability rights and your messages reaching their subscribers.

As you can see here is an example of a default footer that are going to be provided at the bottom of all the messages you send out through GetResponse. These regulations are what we do to comply with the Can’t Spam Act which is certainly very important. Most importantly it would include providing an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every message that is sent out and also a valid postal address. This can be an address that you first provide when creating your account, but if this is not the address you would prefer to have your subscribers see at the bottom of your messages, it’s very easy to edit that within the message itself – excuse me – within your campaign settings of course. So you’ll actually do this within your campaign settings by choosing the campaign from the Your Current Campaign dropdown menu and clicking on the Settings wheel.

Once you’re there, right here on the General tab you will see the postal address. So here simply just edit whatever you would prefer the postal address to be and then that would be the one that is going to be on the footer of the messages that you send out through this campaign, and of course very importantly keeping you in compliance with the Can’t Spam Act.