Why is GetResponse badge displayed in my emails?

Video transcript:

The GetResponse badge that you see here that our default is at the bottom of your messages is there as a great way to be able to utilize our rewards program. It’s basically through this badge that you send out, for example, to respond to your messages by default at the bottom here. If someone chooses to sign up for a GetResponse account, as you can see here when I click that, they can create a free trial. So actually how it could work is if someone was to sign up for a paid account, if they decided to upgrade their account with us, you know, once they decided after utilizing the free trial, both you, the person that sent them that message initially and them, the person who is newly signing up will actually be able to get a $30 credit toward future GetResponse payments. So it’s just a really cool way to be able to utilize, for example, our rewards program, so it’s done through that badge, so that’s how it would work. It would bring them to the sign up page where they could do that here that is what it would look like.

But however, if for some reason you don’t want that badge there, if you don’t want it at the bottom of your messages, that’s certainly not a problem and you can most definitely disable it, and you will do that in your account via My Account, Account Details then from here just go to GetResponse Badge, and you see you can turn it off. So again, here’s another little reason why, it looks fun of course, it look nice, but also a $30 credit for any person who buys a GetResponse account, and you can track the referrals here. So it just gives you a little bit more information, again, in here, turn it off, it will not be in the footer of your messages if you don’t want. It’s totally up to you, you can definitely manage it via My Account.