Why does my statistics panel indicate that my newsletter was sent to fewer people than I have on my list?

Video transcript:

If your Statistics Panel or your Newsletter Panel shows that your newsletter was sent to fewer people than you have on your list there is a couple of reasons why. One of those could be that the email addresses, a few of them perhaps, could be undeliverable, meaning we weren’t able to deliver the first time so we’re going to keep trying a few times until we can. And if you suspect one of your subscribers have not received the newsletter, you can actually check it out by going to Contacts, and Delivered List.

There simply type in the email address that you’re searching for and you’ll be able to see if this indeed is one of the contacts, who for example, are experiencing a soft-bounce, meaning some temporary issue that makes it so they cannot receive the message. We will try several times to send the message to them and if after those times we are still not able to deliver it, it could be registered as a hard-bounce, and in that case we will automatically remove that email address from your list and you can search for that by going to Contacts, and Removal List. Then you will see the Removed Automatically tab to be able to show who all has been removed from your account due to some hard-bounce.