Why does my message look fine in the editor but “broken” when I receive it?

Video transcript:

If you’re having the experience that the message you’re creating looks fine in the editor but for some reason it looks broken or different whenever you receive it, we definitely recommend before you send out your message to utilize two features. The first of which being the inbox preview option, this is where we recommend you take a look at how your message will look and maybe different email clients before it’s actually sent out. That way you can catch any issues or maybe any email clients that may be altering your message in some way before you actually send it out, and make preparations for that in your message in the editor before you actually send it out. It can take a few moments for this to load so you can certainly just give it some time, in the meantime I will go back to the editor and also recommend that you send yourself a test message before you send out this message to your subscribers, so simply enter in the email address that you would like to send the test message to, and then you’ll go ahead and send it, receive it in the inbox that you sent it to and check out how it looks as a test. This also can be sure to catch any issues or anything that happens once it’s been delivered before you actually send it to your subscribers.

And so it is loading of course, it will come up I promise, you just give it a second, sometimes it takes a moment, especially for a more complex template like we’ve got. So they’re organized by web-based clients, desktop clients, mobile clients, you can just look at them individually if you want by clicking on any of the options right here. So as they’re loading you can see them more specifically or in more detail by actually clicking on the particular one, like Gmail and Internet Explorer for example. This is how you could kind of see what it’s going to look like.

I definitely recommend just take a look, check out all the different browsers and that will be a great help to you.