While creating my message, I selected several campaigns, and some subscribers are in multiple campaigns. Will they get multiple emails?

Video transcript:

So here is an excellent question or scenario, so let’s say you’ve created a newsletter and you select several campaigns that you want to send this fun newsletter to, and do you know that you have some subscribers that exist in both campaigns so you don’t have to actually worry that your subscriber is going to get more than one copy of your newsletter, we simply filter out the duplicates.

Now I created a little example scenario to show you guys this, so let’s take a look in Contacts, Search Contacts at the campaign. I have created two campaigns and included only myself as a subscriber and that is subscriber Account-1 and 2. So as you can see I am a subscriber in both of these campaigns, there’s the one email address so it’s the same email address and two different campaigns.

Now let’s create a quick newsletter in of course one of those campaigns, let’s say subscriber Account-1. I will quickly go through and fill through the fields because we are just testing to show you guys how you don’t have to worry that someone is going to get your message two times.

Let’s use a template that I like, continuing on to the recipient step – okay, so I want to choose, remember, subscriber Account-1 to each who has a contact, two is me so that should sum up to two. What you will see here it will sum up to one, so as you can see one plus one of course equals two, but the subscribers of this will be sent to is only because we will automatically filter out duplicates. So please, have no fear, we will be sure to not send more than one copy to a particular subscriber at the same message.