Where can I see who exactly signed up via particular landing page?

Video transcript:

There are actually a couple different ways that you can see exactly who signed up via a particular landing page that you have. The first way I’ll show you is by going to Landing Page, Manage, then you can choose what date range you kind of want to search the stats for, and then here’s the two landing pages we have created, and you see this one has a subscriber, and if you click this little settings wheel right here to the right you can actually click show subscribers and see the name of the subscriber and the email address of course that was generated from this landing page. And a second way that you can actually view these people are by going to Contacts, Search Contacts, there choose the campaign this landing page was associate with or choose All, it’s up to you, then you want to choose subscription method, is a web form, and then find the name that you gave your landing page. So for example ours was Testing 1.2.3, that was the landing page that had a subscriber, we’ll click the blue search button and again you’re presented with the details that you saw in the previous screen as well. So two very simple ways to check out who exactly subscribed from a particular landing page.