Where can I see the statistics for a specific campaign or message?

Video transcript:

If you would like to check out the statistics for a specific campaign or message, go to the Statistics section of your account then choose Email Analytics.

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to choose the specific campaign that you would like to check the message statistics for, or you can do all campaigns combined. Of course you can also choose specific newsletters or messages to check out one at a time, or you could of course again choose all newsletters to view all of the statistical information for them combined. In addition you can see your RSS to Email messages and all the statistics gathered from them, and of course your auto-responders as well.

You can take a look and see here we’ve got all campaigns and all newsletters chosen for this example, so we can see how many total messages have been sent out, how many new people have opened the messages, our click-through rates, any goals or social stats we have available, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates and complaints.

In addition you can compare one message to another to see how they performed, for example. So you can take a look at these messages and see that the open rate, for example, was higher for this message than for this, click rate was higher, things like that. So by comparing one message to another you can kind of check out the effectiveness, see what works and maybe what doesn’t work and make better decisions and update some of your choices for an upcoming message, for example.