Where can I find import statistics?

Video transcript:

You can check out the statistics for one of your imports by first making sure that you choose the correct campaign that you imported that list into, you’ll do that from the Your Current Campaign menu right here, just make sure you select the right one. After you do that, go to Statistics, Import Statistics.

This is going to show you all the lists that you have imported into this particular campaign. You’re going to see its status, the date and time you imported it, how many email addresses were on the list that you uploaded, any invalid email addresses that couldn’t be added, and if you hover your mouse over the number of invalid email addresses you’re going to see the reason why they were invalid and not able to be added. You’ll see how many were able to be added into the campaign and of course if you updated any details for one of your contacts, you’d also see how many were updated as well and finally of course, there is a confirmation for the campaign that these contacts were added to.