What statistics are available for the Landing Pages?

Video transcript:

You can check out the statistics for your landing pages by going to Landing Page, and then Manage, then you’re going to see all the landing pages that you’ve created in your account, and you can actually choose how you want to view these statistics, if it’s going to be yearly, last few months, particular weeks, yesterday or today. So for example today we can see the visitors to our page, so you click here, and you can view kind of this graph data it’s going to show your visitors by date. So you can see here you had two visitors on Tuesday August 13, you can also see your subscribers, so with these subscribers you can send these particular subscribers a message, you can show who these subscribers are or create a segment based on them. So if you click on that particular field you will again be presented with this chart that is going to show you the subscribers for each day. So that’s how it’s going to be able to see, you’ll be able to click right here and view the stats for how many visitors you had, how many unique visitors and your subscribers and signup ratio for each page.