What is the Spam Score check feature?

Video transcript:

The Spam Score Feature that’s available in the Message Editor when you’re creating your messages is where we use the latest version of Spam Assassin, an outside service to be able to check your messages in advance for possible reasons that they may be classified as Spam. So you’ll see it here within Test Message Spam Score. And then you’ll see that your possible score here – you will see the score it came up with, the Spam Assassin came up with and the maximum score of course is five. It gives you the different reasons and columns for how it was written.

For example, my message is probably an overdramatic example but it mentioned huge sums of money, you know $1-million today. It contained lots of links, as you can see, lots and lots of links, kind of in comparison to how much text, and also there’s lots of extra images. So one of the reasons was the high image to text ratio was one of the ratings I got.

Again, you can see here if we look at it again, huge sums of money, the HTML text parts looked different, low ratio of text to image area – so it gives you the reasons why here.

This is kind of something to keep in mind if maybe you’ve got way too many images, not enough text or too many links, or mention several times a large sum of money, perhaps that could be a reason or a flag for why it’s going to be rated as Spam. But if you check our text FAQ entry for this, you’re going to see the following websites available, Spam Assassin is independently managed outside of GetResponse so we don’t have a lot of information on their specific scoring and how they came up with those, but these links here will put you in contact with Spam Assassin and give you some more information if you’re curious with how they came up with these scores and how they’re actually scoring it and things like that.

It’s a great tool just to use and kind of keep in mind while creating your message if you’re doing anything that might be considered kind of spammy when it’s being delivered to the email providers.