What is the difference between a plain text message and an HTML message?

Video transcript:

To really understand the difference between a plain text message and an HTML message it may be easiest to take a look at each of those messages within an inbox, so let’s do that now.

I am going to open up my inbox and we’re going to look at two messages, one of them is a plain text and one is an HTML. So here’s my plain text message, okay – let me open that up. As you can see, it’s a pretty standard looking email that you would send out, nothing too fancy, it’s just got the text available just if you wanted to write something simple or get something across to your subscribers. So this is what a plain text is going to look like, no images, no really HTML elements just mainly text. That’s why we call it Plain Text, of course. This is what it’s going to look like for your subscribers, okay, once you’ve got it delivered.

Now let’s take a look at my HTML message. So, already as you can see, it looks pretty nice. You know, it’s really got nice colors, nice images, something that is really going to draw the attention of your subscribers to your offer. As you can see my plain text message mentioned a 15% discount, things like that which could be exciting for your subscribers, but if they opened this it might be a little bit more alluring to them, you know to actually go to your website and take a look at the new vacation sale that you’re offering.

It’s just up to you, it’s up to what you wanted to get across and how you want to actually present your information and your content to your subscribers. So an HTML message is going to have images, you know, really just HTML content, okay, so different types of links, buttons, designs, colors, different types of fonts, hyper-linking, things like that. That’s what you’re going to find when creating an HTML message, and then creating a plain text message it’s just plain text, that’s just kind of the general message that you send lots of times, maybe when you’re just sending a regular email through your email inbox, let’s say for example. That’s just the difference to keep in mind and then of course we will be showing you how to create it too, to get a response.

It’s easiest to understand the difference between a plain text message and an HTML message by actually taking a look at each one and what they look like, but also I can briefly say an HTML message contains of course HTML elements, which means you can hyperlink, add images, things like that – different colors, different formatting and a plain text message is just no extra formatting, all you’re able to do really is provide text and no hyper-linking within the message or adding images, it’s just a simple text message.

Let’s take a quick look at how to create each of these. So we go into Messages, Create Newsletter. I will start with the plain text, we’ll go to New Email Creator, enter in some information for the message name and subject, and here on the templates page if you scroll down, you’re going to see this plain text option and it opens up the plain text editor here. So this is just where you would be typing, you will simply just type, it’s the only option in the text editor is a simple text message – you can personalize and things like that. But an HTML message would be if you were using one of our templates for example, all of that can be utilized within HTML elements of course, and also a common option you may want to use is this start from scratch where you can actually create an HTML message by using a blank template.

Here you can just drag over a text block, and you can create a pretty simple message if you would like but it can still have HTML elements. So for example you can hyperlink something if you would like, add images into the message, things like that. That’s the difference you’re going to see between these two types of messages.