What is open rate tracking?

Video transcript:

Open Rate Tracking, of course, gives you more information about who has opened your message and who has not, but there’s a couple of things to bring up about Open Rate Tracking. First let’s go and take a look in Statistics, Email Analytics in the account to look at what it looks like in the statistics section about Open Rates.

Here we are taking a look at one of our messages about the holiday offer, we can see total information combined, and here you can see at a glance some of your open rates. So I will view one at a time for example here, and we can see our open rate, we have an 87.5% open rate. This is the summary to view unique opens, just click unique and you’ll see it’s a 50% open rate. So that’s just the overall click rates – or open rates, excuse me. If someone has opened your message a couple of times, it will of course increase the percentage, but looking at unique you can see the exact people, how many people actually opened it and you can view who actually has opened it by scrolling down a bit, accessing this column or row here and you can email the particular group who has opened the message or you can view the contacts to see the specific people who opened up the message.

And of course in addition we also have unopened, so you can see who has opened or who has not opened, and something important to bring up is that the open rates can only be tracked for HTML messages. So if you create a plain text message, unfortunately the open rate cannot be tracked because it lacks the tracking pixel that is required to track open rates so if you’d like to be able to have your open rates tracked properly you should definitely go ahead and create an HTML based message.