What is click tracking?

Video transcript:

Click Tracking is an extra statistics gathering option that you can choose to enable for your messages. This really helps you see kind of how your messages are performing, if people are clicking on the links and things like that. If you would like to be able to enable that, I will show you how to do it in the Message settings. Let’s just go to Messages, Create Newsletters, New Email Creator – we’ll enter in some filler text here of course, for our example.

It’s here on the settings that you can turn click-through tracking on, this means we will be able to see who is clicking on the links, who is not clicking on the links, it lets you know how they are performing.

Then if you go to Next Step we will choose one of our templates, find one that I like to show you guys an example. Now of course we can just use www.GetResponse.com, I will use this for my example of course. And then you can actually hyperlink it to say, to include the URL here, but for example you can change this to say, for example click here, and as you can see it’s hyperlinked to the particular URL that you would like. But I should also mention that when you have click-through enabled, it’s going to change the link a little bit because every subscriber gets their own link and that’s how it can track it. So it kind of looks like @GetRespsone.com and then some other of your links, your specific link that you provided here in the URL. But it’s not a problem, if you don’t like how it looks whenever it’s fully sent to your subscribers that it changes due to click tracking, just go ahead and hyperlink it. It’s very easy to just enter in whatever you would like for them to see here and hyperlink it with that, and then your links can be tracked and it can look great in your message.