What is a REF tracking number?

Video transcript:

As you can see from your screen we will be talking about the REF tracking number now. So as you see, the REF tracking number is basically a 3-digit code that is used in sign up forms, web forms in GetResponse of course, any imports or surveys that can be sent to each subscriber, and this is going to help you really track and keep up where particular subscribers have come from for example. If you’re using multiple different web forms, importing lots of different lists, or creating lots of different surveys, you can have separate REF tracking numbers for each of them.

I would probably say the most commonly used method that this is used for is the web forms. I’ll show you within an account how to easily set that. I am going to go to Web Forms, Web Forms List to some web forms I already have created, and then I am going to choose one and go to the settings tab. It is in the settings tab of your web form creator and then you need to click show advance that you’re going to have this option.

What you need to keep in mind for is here, track web form users REF and then give it a REF code. Be sure to remember what type of REF you are using to create your web form so you can remember what they’re associated with.

You can see this is for easy tagging for all contacts who are added through this particular method of signup for example, through this specific web form. So that was 000, so let me go now to show you what it looks like. Contacts, Search Contacts, I want to search within all campaigns in my account, I am going to choose the custom field option, REF is 000, and everyone in my account, 883 people came from that specific web form that I gave that tracking REF to, so they’re up and I’ll just pull up, click on someone’s name and you can see custom fields REF. By default they all have that, so if you just wanted to send now and be able to target these subscribers who came from this one place, create a segment based on these people it’s very easy because they are all searchable via this REF. So it’s a really cool option as well to be able to really kind of target people based on where they came from, what URL you placed your web form on for example, you’re going to know because you gave all the web forms a REF and then you’re going to remember, 000 was on this page of my website, you’ll have that knowledge somewhere and you’ll be able to really track and be able to target your marketing materials to these specific subscribers if you would like.

Back on the FAQ page, just in case you are also interested in the import option, in the second step of your import after you have uploaded the list and gone to Next Step, you’re going to be in the step called Configure your Import, you’re going to be able to add a REF here. You can just add new custom field form, give it a REF and that name so that way we can keep up with all the different files that you’re importing and keep those people all connected based on some REF that you gave it.

And in the survey as well, if you’re creating a survey, right when you go to Survey, Create New, you’re in the settings step and it gives you that option as well to setup a REF tracking number for anybody who signed up as a subscriber in that survey.