What is a predefined field?

Video transcript:

A predefined field is basically some text information that you can actually use in your messages, and this is account wide information so you can use it all throughout your account in different campaigns, in different messages, however you would like to share this information. Basically it could be like a time-saving thing that you use for a signature, so instead of having to manually type the signature at the bottom of every message you could just create a predefined field and then use that for the message, and I will show you how to do that. It’s very simple.

First go to the Your Current Campaign menu on the top right of the screen, dropdown the menu and choose Predefined Fields. Here is where you’re going to give it the name and value, so let’s say for example you of course are going to want a signature, you can give it a value of let’s say maybe your address or your company name and address, okay. So we’ll add predefined field and so then once you add it you can actually edit it a bit more. So let’s say your company name – 123 Tree Street. You don’t have to type that in but it’s something you can provide in your messages, you could certain just do that – and I will go ahead and update the selected since I made some changes. So now let’s take a look at it in the message itself, because you can actually use it by just this merge word here. So basically it’s going to be two brackets, PRE for pre of course, underscore and whatever name you have given this predefined and then two brackets to close. Whenever you send out your message it will automatically pre-fill with this information.

Let’s take a look in the message editor. Okay, so we’ve got a message opened up, so let’s pretend that you wanted to use the predefined field here at the bottom of your message, so we could add a text block in, just for example. I’ll delete this, and then you can do it a couple of ways, you can use the personalize icon here and scroll until you see your predefined fields and enter it in that way, or you could just manually type in this manner and you’d be able to provide your signature. So this is just a quick and easy way, maybe a time-saving event for you to provide some data that you would like to use in your messages without having to manually type it in each time.