What is a campaign? How do I create a new campaign?

Video transcript:

A campaign is a set of messages, subscribers, web forms, and all of these things aren’t going to be related. It’s best to give an example sometimes. Let’s say for example you sell two products, you may want to have two different campaigns for each product, that way all the subscribers and all of the messages that relate to that product that you are going to want to send to these particular subscribers are all in one place. Then let’s say you have another product that has different types of people, different subscribers who are interested in it, a different set of messages, a different set of web forms, that would be in your separate campaign. This is just a great organizational tool, a way to keep your different email marketing campaigns separate, and everything that is related to one particular campaign or product in one place.

If you would like to create a new campaign, all you need to do is go to your Current Campaign Menu on the top right of your account, dropdown the menu and choose Create Campaign. Enter in your new campaign name here, keeping in mind some of these settings that you need to keep in mind for whenever you’re creating a name for example, such as only using alphanumeric characters, no spaces or special characters, and also the name must be unique. So if another GetResponse customer is using the name you input, unfortunately it can’t be accepted, but maybe you can try an alternative version and then once it gets accepted it will be good to go and you will see it in your current campaign dropdown menu.