Editing options available inside Email creator.

Video transcript:

Of course there are lots of editing options available within the Email Creator. Let’s take a brief overview today just to kind of get familiar with where things are. So this section up here is going to refer to the overall message template to message backgrounds, so this is going to refer right here to the overall width of the message that you want it to be, the background of the template if you want to change it, add a different photo as a background, for example, to the message template or edit overall message background, for example, of the complete message. As you can see there it applied that image. This is what you can really play around with the look and feel of your overall message template and what people are going to see, and then once you get down to the content itself you can actually edit images whenever you click on them, is where you’ll be able to actually edit within the message itself.

So for example, I clicked on this image and this editing toolbar came up, so changing the size of the image, actually uploading a different image, working on a border, things like that. You provide the alternative information for the image, hyperlink it, change the background of the area behind the image, if you want to change the spacing, work with borders around the corners, and then alignment within the text block. So this is just kind of an example, and then continuing on with text.

When you’re in a text area, of course you can work to change the fonts, the sizes, colors, all those things that you probably used to in different word processing or other types of editors, making it italic or bold, how you want the text aligned, bullet points, hyper-linking. It’s got this great personalized feel to really personalize the message to your contacts, the background of this particular text block – so there really are a whole lot of options and it’s definitely really great just to take your time someday, click through and find the settings and find the editing tools that you really like, but that is basically how it will work.

Up here is going to be for the general message itself in the background and then all the individual elements, once you click on them you’re going to see their editing toolbars come up, and even if you just hover your mouse over each little icon, you can remind yourself what those do. So I definitely recommend, please play around, have some fun and see all the ways that you have to edit your messages.