How can I test my messages?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to test your messages within the message editor, so let’s say you’re working on a newsletter or an autoresponder and you’re within the editor and you want to take a look at how it’s going to look once it’s been sent. Go to the test message field here and then choose to send a test message, and you can choose from a drop down list of from email addresses already added to your account. I am going to use my testing email of course, you’ll see a notification that it’s been sent, and then go ahead and go to my testing email account, let me refresh. Might want to give it just a few seconds to arrive and here it is. Here is our test, go ahead and open it up and you can choose to show the images if the email provider might block it and then you’ll just take a look. Just keep in mind that if you moved over any social media buttons or things like that, it’s not going to work properly because this is just a test message, it’s not been sent to any of your subscribers. However, your links and everything should be fine to test. But things like the social media buttons are something to keep in mind that they won’t work properly in a test message because it wasn’t actually sent to a subscriber. So this is a great way to be able to take a look at your message within an email client.

Another option back in the editor is go to test message, inbox preview, we definitely recommend that you guys check out your message in the inbox preview feature before you send it out, that way you can take a look at what your message is going to look like in lots of different email clients. So as I said, give it a few minutes to load because it’s kind of a lot that we’re pulling from different email services, so just give it a little bit to load and then we’ll take a look.

Okay, so now we can see all the messages have loaded and all the different examples for the email providers, as you can see here it’s showing also different web browsers that were used to open that message in that particular email provider. So you can just scroll through and see all the different options that you have available – desktop clients and even some mobile clients as well, so you can see how the message is appearing if someone opens it up on a particular mobile device that you see there. And of course you can click on an option to view it in more detail, if you want to see more specifically what it will look like. Choose the browser options here, you can even choose different messages actually, click the images on or off, things like that. So this could just give you a good idea of what your messages can look like in lots of different email clients.