Where can I find subsctiption statistics?

New Subscription Statistics give you more insights into your audience and help you make your campaigns more impactful and relevant.

Video transcript:

New Subscription Statistics from GetResponse provide powerful insights into your audience, giving your campaigns more impact, engagement and relevance. You’ll find the New Subscription Statistics in the Email Analytics section. Once selected, stats appear in the central chart on the screen, you can pick one of the three available reporting options, list size for cumulative list growth or decrease over time, subscriptions for number of new subscribers by day over the selected time period, and unsubscribe for number of removed reference by day over selected time period.

The following stats are available for the selected reporting options, campaign stats, subscription method stats and subscribers locations. For any of the stats you can choose one or multiple campaigns. You can also define preferred date range, or choose from a selection of predefined custom date range options. Depending on your interest you can check and uncheck the subscription methods.

To view stats for selected day, simply roll over any point in the chart, or if you prefer, switch to list view where daily data will be displayed in individual rows with the totals and averages below the table.

Thanks to our new interactive subscribers map, now you can view subscribers by region and get great insight into your business growth opportunities. Mouse over region for a number of subscribers for the selected area, if you’d like to take a closer look at a particular region simply click to zoom in. When the detailed view is displayed you can choose one or more regions to view, total number of selected contacts will be displayed at the bottom of the map, and you can send them a message with just one click. A super easy one step segmentation based on geo-location.

You can switch to list view if you prefer for a more detailed view. GetResponse subscriber statistics, simple yet powerful.