My open rate statistics are not available. What may be causing this?

Video transcript:

If you notice that your Open Rate Statistics are not available or for example you see that your Open Rate is 0%, for example your click rate has some percentages associated with it, this is most likely because you have created the message as a plain text message. And unfortunately plain text messages cannot properly have Open Rate track because they lack the necessary tracking pixel. But if you would like to be able to create some very simple looking messages but have the Open Rate tracked, you can just simply create what looks basically a very simple looking HTML message, and I will show you how to do that.

To do that, let’s say we’re going to create a newsletter, we’ll go to Messages, Create Newsletter, New Email Creator, then we’ll just call this testing, because we are just testing of course right now, and then let’s go to Next Step to the templates page. It’s on this page that you’ll probably normally choose the plain text option right here, instead go ahead and choose Start From Scratch, then choose a blank template. Go ahead and drag over a text block, delete this filler text because you don’t need that, of course, and you can begin typing a very simple looking message to your subscribers. For example, to my list of course, maybe it’s not your list – so very simple, anything that you would like to be able to send to them, looks very simple like a plain text but it’s HTML and it will track open rates for you if that is something you would like.