PayPal Integration for Effective Landing Pages

Use the PayPal integration to create landing pages that convert more.

Video transcript:

The new GetResponse Landing Page Creator will help your conversions take off to new heights. Getting started with our new Landing Page Creator is as simple as a mouse click. Just log into your account and click on Landing Page Create on the top menu bar. Next, fill out the necessary information, like page title and description, now define your page URL. This is the web address. Using or domains or you can assign your own domain with a few simple steps.

To learn more about CName records visit our learning center and search on CName, then select your Facebook page to automatically publish your landing pages on your social network. Click Next Step to choose from one of our awesome predesigned templates, just select the color scheme and click use template. Now it’s time to let your imagination loose and just create. You can move every design element and add your own graphics, texts, rulers, buttons and so much more. Just drag and drop and create.

With our split-screen editor you’ll see exactly what the result is as you go, just make a change and presto, you see the results in real time. Every template includes a signup form. You can assign a campaign and embed a signup form so contacts who sign up on the landing page are added automatically to the campaign you specify.

You can add a PayPal Buy Now button which can be used not only to sell products but also to automatically gather contacts into your campaign.

Now there are a few steps to follow in order to add a PayPal Buy Now button to your landing page. First, log into your PayPal account and click Profile. Select My Selling Tools and locate PayPal buttons in the selling online section. Next, click Get Started, choose Buy Now button type from the dropdown list and fill out the necessary information from Step-1 such as item name and price. Next, select advanced features and go to the advanced variable section, be sure to check Advanced Variables and type in Custom equals your campaign name. This will insure new contacts buying your products using this PayPal button will be automatically added to your specified campaign. To generate the necessary information, go to the Profile tab then choose My Selling Tools and locate the API access section. Choose Option-2 to generate your unique API username, password and signature. Next, go to your GetResponse dashboard, select My Account and click Integrations. Select the PayPal option and fill out the username, password and signature that you generated at PayPal earlier.

Now when creating your landing page, you’ll see the PayPal button active and ready to use, just drag and drop wherever you like and stylize it to fit your landing page perfectly.

So now, when a customer buys a product using PayPal Buy Now button, they will be automatically added to the campaign use specified. Are you ready for people to touch down on your amazing landing page creation, just click Save and Publish. You can easily create another landing page, view your current landing pages online or manage any saved landing pages all in one place.

To check your landing page stats, click Manage My Landing Pages for detailed statistics such as visitors and subscribers. Here you can also preview, edit, duplicate or delete any existing landing pages with one click, and best of all, your landing page will also be automatically added to your Facebook fan page, a direct link is provided and ready to share. It’s time for your conversions to take off to new heights with the new GetResponse Landing Page Creator.