I am a developer. Where can I find documentation about API?

Video transcript:

If you’re a developer and you would like to find more information about API, you can visit the GetResponse website then if you scroll down you’ll see API Dev’s down here at the bottom. Click that and you’re going to see our developer resource center, this is a great site with lots of resources and information. So for example right here you can view our documentation for the API, with this section right here you’d be able to browse the app center to find all the different services that you can connect directly to GetResponse. If you’re interested in call-backs about monitoring and getting notified about GetResponse contact activities, there is certainly information about that here.

We’ve got dynamic content for example that you could use in your messages, advanced mail march capabilities, and also if you for example have an app that you don’t see available yet and you would like to develop one, you can certainly contact our Dev’s team and they would love to hear from you and talk more about this. And of course if you have any specific questions for our experts for the programmers, please contact them. It’s very easy to just contact us right here, and there as you can see it’s going to go straight to the Dev center. So simply enter in your name and email, it’s going to go straight to the Dev team so the programmers and developers are going to see your inquiry and be able to respond directly to you about that.