How is a custom field used?

Video transcript:

A custom field is commonly used for example to personalize your message or to get some more data information from your subscribers. You can actually set up a custom field in your account by going to Contacts, Custom Fields.

Then you can go ahead and add a new custom field with this button here. You can see some examples of ones that we have in our account. For example, address custom field, and age, birthday for them to enter a date, the city they live in, any type of information you have or would like to ask of your subscribers. So to add new custom field you just include it here, the name which will be of course, as you see here, what you’re wanting them to provide, the type, is it going to be text, is it going to be a date, phone number, you want them to have a checkbox or something like that. These are just some common examples, city, you could do favorite color, favorite food, anything that you’re wanting to gather from your subscribers. Then for example you could implement that on the web form, for example that you would like them to provide when they’re signing up for your list and things like that. And then you can be using these in your messages, so I’ll show you what that would like in your messages.

Let’s pretend, in my newsletters that we want to use one of our custom fields that we’ve gathered from our subscribers. Go to Next Step, so here you would want to use a custom field by using this personalize icon right here, if you click that, scroll down, you’re going to see all the custom fields that you have in your account. So let’s say for example you’ve got an age associated with every one of your subscribers, either you had that data on the list that you imported, for example, you had all their ages or people signed up via web form, for example, provided their age, so if you need to implement that or a city, you could say – you told me you live in, that’s great, for example. And it would automatically fill-in for each individual subscriber what city they provided, for example, if you asked them what city they live in or a favorite city. In whatever terms you have set up the custom field and have they provided it you can then, for example, implement them in your messages, so it’s a good way to personalize with your subscribers, you know, let them know with the data that you have, how you’re going to be using that in your messages for example. That’s how you will create one through Contacts, Custom Field and then it’s very easy to use them within your messages right here, and you will automatically fill it out for each subscriber based on their particular data.