How does campaign automation work?

Video transcript:

Campaign Automation is a great tool to use to really help you manage your subscriber list based on some particular actions that may occur, and you can check out all the campaign automation rules that are available by going to the Your Current Campaign menu in the top right of your screen, scrolling it down and choosing Automation.

Here you’re going to see a listing of all the rules that are available, for example moving someone to a different campaign if they make a sale, or removing them from a campaign if they remove themselves from another, for example. They could be for example, copy unsubscribe, so if they unsubscribe to one then copy them to another campaign as well.

Then what you’ll do after you decide which one you would like to implement, simply choose the rule that you want to be able to set for this campaign. So make sure that you are in the right campaign within your current campaign menu, the one that you want to set up, just make sure you see it right here, then choose the rule and choose to add it. So of course depending on what rule you choose there may be some other option you may need to choose, and then click Add Rule and this will be fully setup for your campaign.