How do I set the conditions for the autoresponder?

Video transcript:

You’ll set the conditions for your autoresponder message whenever you’re in the process of creating it or of course editing it, but let’s take it from the standpoint that you’re creating an autoresponder. You will simply go Messages, Create Autoresponder, choose what trigger, it’s going to be time-based or event-based, we can pretend this one is going to be time-based, you’ll choose the day that this one is going to be associated with, for example on the campaign, but then you’re conditions are going to be here when the message is going to be sent. So if you want it to be sent the same time they signed up with some delay of some hours, exactly at some particular hour, you can choose enable time travel. So let’s say it’s same day sign up, same time signed up and then you’ll choose your send off days. So basically this just means the day that this message could be sent.

Let’s say for example we’ve got this triggered for Day-11, so if someone’s Day-11 happens to fall on a Sunday and you don’t want this message to be sent to them on a Sunday you would uncheck this box and then this message would be sent to them on the next coming Monday, on the next day. So basically if you keep all of these checked regardless of what day of the week their particular day falls this will always be sent, regardless of the day of the week. But if for some reason you don’t want your subscribers to receive your messages on the weekend, you would just un-check these boxes and then they automatically get it the next day of the week that comes up. This is just all up to you, set it up exactly as is going to work best for you and your subscribers right here in the settings step of the autoresponder.

Once everything is good to go, you created the message, you’ll just give the autoresponder a name, click Save and Publish and it’s all saved and is going to be sent out exactly to your specifications.