How do I reset my password?

Video transcript:

Let’s say that you’re about to login to your GetResponse account but you may be having some troubles logging in. Let’s say you are logging in with your username or the email address associated with your account, but you enter in the password and you get Invalid Login Details. Now I know that’s our username so I probably entered my password wrong. That is certainly not a problem, you can reset your password very easily. Go ahead and use the forgot password link here on the bottom left corner, enter in an email address that you would like to receive a password reset email to, click Send Password, and then please check your email. So let’s go there now – and there is the new one, okay.

So then click the link to go ahead and reset and now keep in mind the requirements for your new password, must be at least 8 characters, needs to have at least on uppercase character and also at least one lowercase letter, it must contain either a digit or a non-alphabetic character like an exclamation point. So I am going to go ahead and enter in mine now – better make sure I do it right.

Okay, it looks like they match and it’s going to accept it, so I go ahead and click Change Password, and your password has been changed, please login, so it will take you back. My browser already had a pre-fill in, so you may want to if your does too, make sure that you type in the new one. Login, update password, so now you’re good to go, you’ve been able to reset your password and you’re logged into the account. But now also, let’s say you forgot your password and you’re logged in, that’s all fine we know how to do that now. But if for any reason you would like to be able to update your password, even if you haven’t forgotten it, you certainly can do that via My Account, Account Details and then you can do that via Account Password, there you can reset it right here and go through the same process we just went through. So there are two different ways that you have to go ahead and update your password if you need to.