How do I move contacts to autoresponder sequence?

Video transcript:

There are actually a couple really simple ways to actually get to move your contacts into your autoresponder cycle and the first one we’ll go over is by going to Messages, Manage Autoresponders. Then just choose the campaign that has the autoresponder cycle that you’re wanting to add your contacts into and then in the calendar view scroll down and you’re going to see these two icons here. One could or will say “never received any message in the sequence” so you will simply see, okay for example here I’ve got two subscribers that are on my list that have never received any message in my autoresponder sequence, simply click on that icon and choose to move them into Day-0 for example, so they can be entered into the cycle from the beginning and then go through just exactly as you had it set up.

There is also some, could be one, for people who have completed your autoresponder sequence, so if for some reason you’d like to enter them back into some other part in the sequence, if you maybe added new or different messages that you actually want these people to receive, it works just the same – click on their icon and choose which day you’d like to move these particular subscribers into.

This is the way to do everyone at the same time, but you can actually control individually as well, so let’s now go to Contacts, Search Contacts, and we’ll choose the same campaign that we were working with earlier for our autoresponder cycle. Then when your list of subscribers come up you can actually click on their name field, and then actually change what day they’re in. This says Autoresponder, it says they are on Day-35, but you actually want this person to go back to the beginning or go to some other day of your cycle, just simply click here at the menu and choose where you want to enter them back into. This is a way that you can do it individually.

So the Messages, Manage Autoresponder method is to do everyone at the same time, and the Contacts, Search Contacts method is where you can do it individually for particular subscribers if you need to.