How do I include the survey link in my message so the respondent data isn’t anonymous?

Video transcript:

There are a couple steps that you need to follow in order to insure that the survey respondent data is not anonymous, meaning you’ll be able to track the answers to specific subscribers, rather than the data being anonymous. There is a couple of steps but it’s really not too difficult and we’ll walk through it today and it should be no problem.

Let’s go ahead and assume you have already created your survey through Surveys, Create New, and it’s published and ready to go. So first, let’s assume you want to provide your survey link in a newsletter that you’re going to be sending out for your subscribers to take your survey. So first let’s go to Messages, Create Newsletter, and then you need to actually choose in this step, take me to the previous version of the editor. And it doesn’t matter, we’ll just click start with a blank template, and then what you need to do is choose this icon here, it’s the Add Link to Survey. Then you just choose the survey that you’ve created and want your subscribers to take, so let’s say it’s this one and it generates this survey link that will make it so it can be trackable to the particular subscribers who take and answer your survey. And so you could of course continue creating your message in the old editor using that, but what I probably recommend is using our new editor, so all you need to do is just copy this exact survey link that was generated, and then we’ll just go back up to this step and now we’ll just use a New Email Creator because that’s probably what you’re using to create your messages, so enter in your message name and subject as usual. I’ll just enter in some information for our test here.

The next step, you will choose the template or anything else that you’d like to use, I’ll just choose one here. So now we’ll go through like normal and create your message, but what you can actually do here, you can hyperlink it, so click here to take my survey, and then highlight the word Here and you can actually hyperlink it. Now it’s not going to be anonymous but you can use the old editor.

So there’s a couple of steps, all you need to do is just generate that survey link in the old editor and then just come back into the new editor and use it as a hyperlink and you’ll be able to see the specifics of the respondents and how they answered each question. So hopefully that will help.