How do I find a particular contact in one of my campaigns?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to locate a particular contact within your account. If you want to take a look at somebody, just one contact for example, it’s certainly no problem, you can do this via Contacts, Search Contacts, and then you can choose the campaign that the subscriber is in or you can of course choose Select All to look within all your campaigns.

For this particular person you can either, for example, search any of these details really, but probably easiest for one particular person could be searching within their name or their email address. So let’s say the email that their name is, for example, Abby, because that is one of the names they provided.

So we’ve got three entries that name contains Abby, so then, you see we’ve got three but this is the one I was talking about, that’s the email address that I recognize, so you can see them within your account itself whether they signed up to join your list, what day of your auto-responder cycle for example, what campaign they’re in. Then you can click on their name field and you’ll see more details about them, so again – their name and email address, the campaign, auto-responder and also any custom field associated with this particular subscriber that you can edit or delete from their details, their opt-in proof – things like that, as well.

This is a great way, very easy to edit something about this particular subscriber if you need to, or just locate them within your account.