How do I customize the confirmation page?

Video transcript:

It’s super-simple to customize the confirmation page in one of your campaigns, and now the confirmation page is going to be what your subscriber will see after they click on the confirm their confirmation link, so this is confirming their permission to become a subscriber on your list. Of course this is via confirmed opt-in settings that you’ve got set up.

If you would like to be able to customize the page they see after clicking on the confirmation link, all you need to do is pick the campaign from the Your Current Campaign menu on the top right of your screen, once you locate the proper campaign, click on the settings wheel to the right.

Then you want to go ahead and go to the Permission tab, scroll down and then Confirmation Page. You want to click Custom URL and then enter in the URL of, let’s say maybe it’s the homepage of your website or some thank you page that you have set up on your website already. So I’ve got one, here we got, right here. Here is my Thank You page and my URL, so I’m going to copy that, paste it right here, click OK, now that’s saved. So that is what my subscribers are going to see after they confirm their subscription. So let’s take a look from a subscriber’s point of view of what that’s going to look like.

I actually have a web form here, let’s pretend this is on my website for a subscriber to sign up to join my mailing list, so I am going to do is fill this out so we can take a look and see what it’s going to actually look like.

Okay, we’re signing up, now it’s telling us to check your email for the confirmation email to click to confirm, so let’s go there and there it is, confirming my subscription. Clicking the link and then as you can see, just like we put in the campaign settings, here is our custom confirmation page, we’re just thanking our subscriber for signing up to joining our list, so it’s very simple, just a couple steps to actually be able to set up your own custom confirmation page in the Campaign settings.