How do I customize the confirmation email?

Video transcript:

If you would like to be able to customize the confirmation message that your subscribers are sent, it’s very easy to do within the Campaign settings. All you need to do is choose the campaign from the Campaign List dropdown menu that you would like to add the confirmation for, then click on settings wheel just to the right. This will then bring you to your campaign settings, after you have done that, go ahead and make your way to the Permission tab, once you’re there you will be able to see the section for the confirmation message, click on the blue icon Customize Confirmation Message. There you can choose from some of our body templates that are available to change the overall look of the confirmation message, and then also as you can see here there’s a text box and we definitely recommend that you customize your content for best results, remind people what they were signing up for and things like that. Then after you’ve done that all you need to do is save it and it is saved in your settings, and that is the confirmation message that will be sent to your subscribers.