How do I create RSS-to-email?

Video transcript:

You can set up RSS-to-Email in your account to keep your blog subscribers up to date with all of your new posts by going to Messages, Create RSS-to-Email. There simply put in your RSS feed URL, so we can use our GetResponse blog for an example, there we go, we’ll use that one, and then you can choose the frequency when you want this message to be sent out to your subscribers. If you want it every time automatically every time you post a new article on your blog, or you could choose some regular digest, so daily, weekly, monthly within some filter of a shared or comment message and also particular articles, how many you would like to be included in the message that you’ll send out.

You’ll give the message a name, so this is not seen by your subscribers, it’s only seen for you for your reference, give it the subject, so you’ll choose how we would like for the subject to be seen by your subscribers who receive this message. If it’s the title of your RSS blog, if it’s the subject of your particular blog, so RSS title, RSS URL, it’s totally up to you. Choose your From Field, and then we can transition right on in to the next step of templates, and of course you can choose to update any of your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook with this message as well.

The next step will be choosing the template you would like to provide whenever you’re creating your message, so we’ll choose one that looks good, and then here within the message editor itself you’ll be able to fully customize the message and how it looks, so updating any images you would like. As you can see our most recent blog post at GetResponse is posted in the middle, you can choose how much text you would like to be able to show within the message itself. So you definitely can play around with this and fully customize it just like you do your newsletters and auto-responders you create in GetResponse. Then you can of course save it, do any tests you’d like to do and then the next step you’ll set up the recipients, whom you would like to receive this message based on whatever frequency you have set up for the message to be sent and then once you finish setting it up, click Next Step – you’ll get a summary of all the details you set up for it and you’ll Save it.

Then as you can see, you are finished and you can check back on this by going to Messages, Manage RSS-to-Email, and then you’ll see here the one we have just created, you’ll be able to edit it, turn it on and off and things like that right from Messages, RSS-to-Email.