How do I create a survey?

Video transcript:

It’s super-simple to actually create surveys within your GetResponse account. Once you’ve logged in straight from the dashboard you’re going to see Surveys, and go ahead and Create New. Then you’re going to go ahead and start with the settings, so giving it a name, a title, a description, all that. This is going to be seen only by you, the name is only something for you to keep track of in your account, for example. So as we said Marketing Survey for example, just something for you to have. Now the title is going to be seen your subscribers or respondents, whoever is going to be taking this survey, so whatever you want to call it. Description is also going to be seen, it can maybe tell them a little bit more to the respondents about what the survey is all about, so whatever it is.

You can provide a ref-checking code to be able to find it in segmentation with as many subscribers as you’ve got, within a survey you can actually add a subscription form so if anyone signed up to become your subscriber with this survey, this ref-code you could track where they come from within this survey.

And if you do choose to include a signup form you want to make sure to set up if you want this to be double or a single log in, for those who are signing up. Thank you or anything you’d like your respondents to see once they complete your survey – so thank you or anything else you want, of course.

The Thank You URL, so if you would like for your respondents to be automatically redirected to some URL of your choosing, simply input it here and also if you would like for some image to be in the survey that they see on the page, you need to put the image URL right here, and that’s where it would be. Let’s go ahead and go to Next Step now. We’ve got the settings all filled out so now we need to actually create the survey.

On the right here, you’ve got the easy drag and drop types of questions, basically that you want to ask, so multiple choice, they can only choose one answer, multiple choice and they can choose seven answers, provide text in a single line or paragraph, and there’s the subscription form I mentioned. So multiple choice for example, drag it over, then we click to edit it – What’s your favorite color – now you could choose anything to help them answer the question, so they could choose one for example. You can of course add more if you want them to choose between more options or fewer. You just wanted two options, any of that is totally up to you. You can change the order that they’re seeing with the arrows, you could make the field required so they can’t submit the survey without answering this question. You could choose to have their answers be loaded as a custom field in your account. And you can choose again change the type, if you want checkboxes, radio buttons are on the list, it’s totally up to you.

So click Save, and that one is created, and now for your second question. You can either choose, let’s say you want to have the same type again, you can drag and drop it underneath the first. You can have them just listed right here and people can just scroll through your survey, if you just want to do them all on one page, or you can just add a page if you just want them to go through different pages. So it’s totally up to you if you want it to be different pages or have it be all on one page and then just scroll down.

That’s how you set up the questions, all the different types you might be having and set up the settings just like we did in the previous one, and this is what the subscription form looks like. You will choose which campaign, we’ll edit it, you can choose which campaign they’ll be subscribed to, you can change kind of what it looks like if you don’t want it to look exactly like this, obviously you can edit that. Again, anything else you want to say of course, choose the campaign you want them to be added to whenever they fill out this survey, the name, the email they will provide, and you can of course also make it required.

You’re good to go once you’ve done your messages and your subscription form if you want, you can save it if you’re going to come back and work on it later or just click save and publish if you’re done. And then you’re going to be brought to your survey’s list, and you can access this just by Surveys, Survey’s List. And there if you had just clicked save on any of them and you weren’t quite done working on them, you are going to see them as unpublished and you can just click on them to edit them if you’d like to keep working on them, and all the ones that you have clicked save and publish for, they are listed here. You will see the name that you gave them, your marketing surveys that we just did, it’s published. And then you’ll just copy this link and you can hyperlink it within your messages or paste it on your website, anything like that wherever you’d like people to have access to take this survey.

If you don’t want this link to be live when you’re done with the survey, for example, you could un-publish it, or you can make an edit to this survey that you just published, just un-publish it and you can actually edit it. This is a great option as well, you could use it learn some more information about your subscribers or to get subscribers.