How do I create a newsletter?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to get started in creating a newsletter within your account. First we have to make sure that you’ve got the campaign selected that you want to create this particular newsletter for, and once you’ve got that set all you need to do is go to Messages, Create Newsletter.

Then you want to chose our New Email Creator that’s got super-easy to use drag and drop features, or of course I should also mention if you are very handy and knowledgeable with HTML coding, then I’d say the HTML Source Editor is for you, but for the rest of us you would choose New Email Creator and then you’ll give the message a name, so this is just something for you to know so just for you to keep in mind within your account, and then the subject. This is what everyone will see, your subscribers, so whatever you would like it to be, you’ll simply input that there.

Choose your desired From Field, you can also update the Reply To fields, choose if you want to be able to track the click-through rates on any links that you may have, and of course you can also choose to publish and share this newsletter on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Then whenever you go into the next step you can browse through our hundreds of templates and choose one that looks good and that you’d like to get started with or you can choose of course, choose to start from scratch with some type of blank template, use a plain text message or import your own template, for example.

We’ll simply choose a template that looks great to me, for example, and then go ahead and customize the content. This is all filler text, so you’ll just want to delete it and enter in your text here. Update any photos that you would like, use our drag and drop features here with any of the content you’d like, new images, more text, so you’ll fully customize it to include your content, then in the next step you’ll choose the recipients for whom you would like to receive this message, so you can choose all campaigns or just use a few campaigns. You could even choose segments that you have created, and you can also exclude recipients that you don’t want to receive this, so once you have done that – and oh, I should also probably mention, you can also select content manually. This will let you actually choose specifically who you would like to receive this message, and then once you’ve done that and you’ve decided whom you want to receive the message all you have to do is click Next Step and you’ll decide if you want to send the message right now and it will automatically be delivered or it can be scheduled and you’ll set up a specific date and time for the message to be delivered. So as you can see here, your delivery date and time, time zone, and you can also choose a time travel option.

However we also have a really great step by step PDF manual that I think would be a great help as well, so if you’re on our website in the Help section, you go to the download area, and then right here we’ve got the Creating Newsletters PDF manual, it’s a really great tool to let you go at your pace and create your first newsletter.