How do I change the name of a campaign?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to change the name of one of your campaigns, all you need to do is choose the desired campaign from Your Current Campaign dropdown menu, then click on the settings wheel, once you’re in campaign settings it’s right here in the General tab, whenever you hover your mouse over the campaign name it gives you the option to edit it. So simply input what you would prefer for it to be and click Save.

However, if you are wanting to actually edit the name of the default campaign there is just a couple little steps for a work-around to be able to do that. First go ahead from Your Current Campaign menu, choose the Campaign’s List, and as you can see here as our default campaign, which unfortunately you cannot edit the name for, however all you need to do for now, make another campaign the default campaign, then go back up to the Your Current Campaign menu, choose that old default campaign, of course, and then go to its campaign settings.

Then once you’re there, go ahead and enter the campaign name like we saw in the previous screens, once you’re done updating that, you’ll click on Save, then you can go one more time back to the Campaign’s List and make this the default campaign once more, and then you were very easily able to actually change the name of your default campaign.