How do I change the language of my confirmation message and campaign?

Video transcript:

You can change the language of your confirmation message and your campaign by going to the Your Current Campaign menu in the top right of your screen, choose which campaign you want to edit this for, and then click on the little settings wheel or gear icon just to the right. This will bring us to campaign settings and now in the General tab you can edit your campaign language. So let’s say we want to change it to French, for example, this means you can create messages in your GetResponse account in French very easily and also, for example, if your keyboard settings are different, so you set this to French and you’ve got the keyboard settings, very easy to compose your messages in French. Then on the Permission tab you can go ahead and customize the confirmation message. Then for the body template choose one of our three different subscriber confirmation messages that are available in French, and then you can actually customize them, again, typing in French right here to provide any other additional information that you would like. So this is a great and easy way to change a campaign language and also your confirmation message into the language of your choice.