How do I change the intervals of time-based autoresponders?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to change the intervals of your time-based autoresponders, all you need to do is go to Messages, Manage Autoresponders to be brought up with the autoresponders in your account and then be sure to choose the appropriate campaign for the autoresponder messages that you would like to be editing at this point, once you’ve got that selected here you’ll be seeing the calendar view of the messages. Of course you could be working in the list view as well, but for this example we can work in the calendar view.

There is a couple of ways to change the interval. Let’s say for example you want to move the feedback email here from Day-4 to Day-5 or even Day-6, it’s totally up to you, so you have the option actually to drag and drop it, so you can actually take it here and move it onto Day-5, and that will move it from 4 to 5 very easily, or you could actually hover your mouse over the message itself, be presented with this menu and click the edit icon right here. Then you’ll see the settings for this message, you could just right here change it back to Day-4 for example in the settings and then just click Save and Publish. Then you’ll see it back on Day-4. It’s definitely totally up to you, it’s very easy to drag and drop or change it within the settings of itself just by editing right here. It’s very easy and lets you change the intervals and times in no time.