How do I cancel the Landing Page add-on?

Video transcript:

If you would like to cancel the landing page add-on it’s very simple to do right within your account. All you need to do is go to the My Account menu on the top right of your screen and then go to add-on’s. From there you’re going to see the landing page creator and you’ll be able to un-check the box for the auto-renew subscription. So with the landing page creator you get 30 days totally for free to utilize the system and to really test the feature. But if after the 30 days or during your free trial you realize you would not like to continue on with the paid feature, and the landing page creator is $15 per month on top of your subscription plan for your GetResponse account itself, so if maybe during the free trial you realize you don’t want to be charged for this add-on or maybe just after a month of using the feature you don’t really need it for the next month, just for example. To be sure to cancel the landing page add-on and not be charged again, just un-check this box, okay. So that cancels the auto-renew subscription and you will not be charged again. So it’s totally up to you, very easy to do right within My Account.