How do I blacklist email addresses or domain names, so they don’t receive my messages?

Video transcript:

It’s definitely very easy to be able to blacklist email addresses or domains in a way that you want to make sure that they don’t receive your messages, and you’re going to do this by Contacts, Blacklist. Here you need to click on this option of course here, Add to Blacklist, and simply add the emails or you can add a particular domain if you know the particular domain you would not like to send or have receive your messages, and then you can either choose if you’re going to blacklist them in a particular campaign or if you check this box it will be a global blacklist in your entire account so they won’t receive any messages from your campaign and your entire account, any campaign in your account. And you’ll just click Add to Blacklist and you can be sure that even if they happen to accidentally signup to one of your lists using that domain or some particular email address that they will be sent your messages because they are on the blacklist for your account.