How do I assign my own domain or subdomain to the landing page?

Video transcript:

You’re able to assign your own domain or subdomain to your landing page whenever you’re creating it within the settings step and I’ll show you where that is. That’s on the Landing Page Create, open it up like we are creating a new campaign, we’ll give the title and description that you would like to use, so I’m going to put some filler text just for our example. And then if you scroll down you’re going to see the actions to assign your own domain and whenever you click here you’re going to see our example, our instructions actually being presented to you, so you can set up a CNAME with your host and there is two instructions that you see here, there is change the data settings and add a CNAME to your subdomain. So definitely just check out the instructions that you have and it will lead you step by step through all of that, and of course you can view our non-video FAQ entry for this for the step by step screenshots, so all you need to do is click there and as you can see it’s going to give the options for changing the DNS settings for your domain and also adding a CNAME if this is going to apply to you. Those will just bring you to our FAQs and you can see all that here in front of you, follow the instructions and of course if you have any issues just get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.