How do I access and use Multimedia studio? What is multimedia studio?

Video transcript:

You can access the Multimedia Studio within your account by going to My Account, and then Account Details, and then once you’re there you can choose Multimedia Studio from the left side, and this will open up the Multimedia Studio itself. This is a great place to go to go ahead and upload any files, for example, that you’d like to share in messages maybe as a link or the images, for example, that you’d like to upload into the newsletter that you are creating and it also includes our iStock photo integrations. So in all accounts you have access to 1000 free iStock photo images that you can, for example, on your web forms or use in your messages that you’re sending out through GetResponse.

You can check out 1000 free images that you have at your disposal, check out the different categories for example – let’s see what else they have – so, you know, different types of – like this is the art category, so you’ve got different types of images here that could maybe go along with one of the themes or maybe one of the products that you’re offering in your messages.

Let’s look at one more, maybe education. Maybe, if you ever sent some type of back-to-school newsletter or something, you know, it’d be a good way, a good place to go to use some iStock photo images that are free within your account. And also if you don’t exactly see the one that you had in mind you can buy more images through their entire library, if you’d like, to have that to use as well.

It’s definitely an option to use the iStock photo which is pretty cool. Now we also have all the different tabs that you can go ahead and upload, the different files that you’d like to be able to share.

For example on the video – oh yeah, and I do want to mention, if this is your first time visiting one of the tabs, you need to first add a new folder, so just give it a name and click add and then you’re going to see the upload options become available to be able to upload a file.

So let’s say you got a video on your computer that you’d like to be able to, for example, send the download link onto your subscribers, go ahead and upload it from your computer and then you can, for example, take the link that you generated here – for example, copy link location and you can put this link that’s generated, paste it onto your message and they can actually download or be able to view this video from within the message which would be cool.

Let me show the file types as well – so these are the types of files that you can upload. So for a video you upload .flv, .fl4, and .mp4 video files and keep in mind the maximum file size available as well. It works very similarly with audio if you want to share with them, like with video how I mentioned earlier, and for audio we can have .flv files with that same file size available.

We also have images, so this is a great way to go ahead and upload some images that you’d like to be able to use in your messages that are your images on your computer, for example. So we would upload the file or add from URL, and so you’re able to add .jpeg, .jif, .png files and .bnp files – so that’s the type of files that you can upload to the images tab.

There is the documents tab, for example you could give a download to your PDF or something like that, so as you said you can have a .txt file, .pdf file, .xls and .ics you could be able to upload into this one as well. And you can also generate a QR code, if you would like to utilize QR codes you could certainly generate them, and GetResponse and add them to your messages or web forms or anything like that as well.

So Multimedia is a great place to go to upload your own files and things like that share in your own media and also take advantage of the iStock photo options as well. This could be a really great tool and create some eye-catching messages and web forms, for example.