How do contacts add themselves to my campaign?

Video transcript:

There are actually a few different ways that contacts can actually add themselves to your campaign, but the first one we will talk about today and probably the most popular or commonly used is going to be the web form, which is a signup form that is for example on your website so that visitors to your website can actually sign up to become a subscriber, to join your mailing list, things like that.

Let’s take a look within the account itself, I am going to just go to Web Forms, Web Forms List, and take a look at a web form I created previously that I want to shown as an example, right here. So let’s pretend that this web form is already on my website, let’s say that we already copy and pasted the HTML or JavaScript code used whenever you create the web form and then pasted it onto the source code of my website. Let’s pretend that’s already there – so using our imaginations further I am going to View Source, choose the option, GetResponse will host my web form just for this example so we can see the sign up form. on a page. So this is what it looks like. For example this would be on our website, maybe on the side and visitors to our site would see this and could sign up to join the mailing list.

Let’s go ahead and fill it out, as an example, okay so it did ask for our name and email address to become our subscriber, so now I’m going to sign up – so now you’re prompted to confirm your subscription – so we’re going to go into the email address we provided and you can see – please confirm your subscription that came. So now it just asks for you to go ahead and click to confirm, so we’ll do that and you can see – thank you for subscribing, you have been added to the email list, which is great.

Now let’s take a look for that in the account to see that we can be sure they were added properly. So you go to Contacts, Search Contacts, and then this was the campaign the subscriber was added to and you can search for example by the name or the email address, so we know the name contained Abby for example, so let’s search for subscribers. There is a few Abby’s but this one was Abby Smith so you can see was added today on the 3rd. So Abby Smith, this is where they are added from, for example, so you can be sure that they were added to the list.

Another option that you can have, subscribers could have to be able to sign up to join your list is within the campaign settings, choose your campaign and click the gear icon here – and then it says campaign email address. Basically what this means, if we have this switched on, the subscribers, the people who want to join your list would send a blank email to this email address, so it’s just your campaign name So perhaps you could provide this, as an example, of a subscriber who wants to sign up for your list but not going back to your website or something, they could very easily signup via your campaign email address, for example.

Also, everything about the web form, all the things we saw earlier you can fully customize, okay. So confirm document was enabled, because in the campaign settings we had that box checked, that’s why I had to check my email first and click on the confirmation link. If you don’t want that step disable this here, or if you want to send different pages to be shown, for example, after they confirm their subscription, you can do a custom URL here. So all this can be customized within campaign settings and the web form settings, okay. So make sure to keep that in mind, you can fully customize the experience of your subscriber when they are signing up via web form.

As we said, there is web form, there is going to be the campaign email address that can send an email to sign up and also if you’ve got the landing page creator, that’s certainly a great way that people could use to sign up to become your subscriber straight from the landing page.