How can I set GetResponse to update my Twitter and Facebook pages when I send a newsletter?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to set up within your GetResponse account to have it update your Twitter and Facebook pages whenever you send out a newsletter. So I’ll show you how to do that by going to My Account, Integrations. I also recommend to go ahead and be logged into your Facebook and Twitter accounts, that way it’s just that much easier whenever we’re connecting the integrations, they will automatically notice this is the account that you’re logged into and we can connect it automatically. So definitely login to the accounts that you would like to be integrated with your GetResponse account. Once you’ve done that then let’s start with Facebook, connect to Facebook account, and you can see it was saved because I was already logged in.

If this is the first time that you’ve done this it’s just going to ask a permission to post on your Facebook account’s timeline, for example, or to be able to post to your pages. So you’ll just yes to both of those prompts if you’re prompted. And then Twitter, connect to Twitter account – I’m already logged in. I’ll authorize the app, and there it’s been saved, we are connected. Now your Facebook account, this is your main account, okay, this is your main Facebook account, but it also will load any fan pages that you are an admin for. So if you would actually prefer the messages to be presented on your main Facebook page or your fan page, you’ll just decide. I want them to be actually on my fan page not my main page, so I am going to choose that as the default.

Now I will go ahead and show you guys how to send out a message and what it’s going to look like whenever you actually have it on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. I am just going to go to Messages, My Newsletters, because I am just going to resend a message that I’ve already sent out just for this example, okay.

This one is just fine, actions – reuse, however now you want to be sure on the settings step that you turn on Twitter and Facebook publish and share options, so you also want to make sure which account, which page, and you can type some message, for example – now this is fine, so I don’t even need to edit the message again because I’m just going to show you guys for an example. Now let’s go ahead and get it delivered so we can see what it’s going to look like – whoops, I wanted to send manually, sorry about that.

Okay, it’s been sent so now I’ll give it a couple of seconds and we can see what it’s going to look like. Okay, so now I’m on my Facebook fan page and so here’s the message I just sent out – so I chose to share the subject, so you can see that there, and here as well, and basically it’s just a link so that they can view your message online. And on Twitter here it is again, here’s the link they need to click to join it or to access the message online, and again the subject that I chose to share, so you’ll just click on that and they can view your message online. So this is what it would look like and this is how they can see and be able to read or view the message that you’ve shared via your Twitter account or your Facebook fan page.