How can I send a newsletter to selected contacts only?

Video transcript:

You can send a newsletter to just some specific contacts that you would like and maybe not the whole campaign, within the Recipient step of sending out your newsletter you can actually choose of course, between the different campaigns or of course choosing all, and in addition you have the option to choose segments. So if you have some segments of specific contacts created in your account, you can simply just choose to send this message only to those people in that segment, and finally you can also, once you have for example, chosen to send it to all of your campaigns or maybe just a couple, you can choose to select contacts manually and here you can take a look through the different email addresses you have on the list or search for a specific email address that you have. So scroll through and find the people you want to then simply just click the names or the check boxes next to their name and email address, then once you’ve chosen you will click Done and you’ll see you’re sending it only to three. So you of course choose to send it to segments or to individual subscribers as well.