How can I preload messages from another account or campaign?

Video transcript:

Preloading messages will actually let you copy a message from one campaign into another campaign, and so you can actually do that within your account by going to Messages, Preload. Then once you’re there you want to choose the Source Campaign, so where this message is located now. Let’s say it is in our Deal of the Day campaign, but actually it’s a newsletter that we want to be able to copy over. So you’ll choose what type of message and then you’ll see it generated here, then you need to give your destination campaign information, so where do you want this to be located, what campaign of course. And so you can choose, let’s say our Send Holiday USA, that’s the campaign we want this message to also be in, and choose how you want it copied over. Even though it’s a newsletter on the Deal of the Day, you can actually copy it over to Send Holiday USA as an autoresponder. But let’s just choose newsletter draft, and then it’s going to join all the other drafts that we have in that campaign and you can also choose a new From Field that you would prefer for this message. Then once you do that we’ll deal with the middle section here, so you want to check the box next to the message you are wanting to have the action, you can choose to copy it, so if you copy it, it will of course be in the source campaign and now also in the destination campaign. Copy All will refer to if you have several messages in the source campaign that you are wanting to copy over, and Replace All would of course replace the messages that already exist in the destination campaign with the ones you’re copying over from source.

Let’s just say for this example we just want to copy it over, so now you see it, it went from here over to the right as well in green, we’ll click Save and the action has been completed. So it was actually moved properly from one campaign also into another campaign, so now you can access it in the newsletter drafts, for example, of the one that we moved it into.