How can I personalize my emails?

Video transcript:

There are many ways that you can actually personalize your messages. So let’s take a look. Let’s go to Messages, Create Newsletter. You can start personalizing right within the subject line, you can click this personalize icon here and choose from all the different contact data fields, so if you have any contact data stored in your account for these particular fields, for example, if you have your subscribers names, first name last name, anything that you see here, if you have that saved as a custom field or some data for your subscribers, you can use that to personalize. Probably a common one would be to use the name, so you know – Hello, Name, please open my message – just kidding of course, whatever subject you would like to have that you could personalize the subject with the name or any other fields you see there.

And we’ll choose a template just for the purposes of taking a quick look at the personalize options within the message editor itself. So once we’re in here you continue personalizing by clicking within some type of content block where you’d like to place some personalization fields, of course. And this is the personalization icon, so click on this icon and you’ll be presented with those data fields again. So of course, you can welcome them to the message somehow and then their name would be filled in whenever you send it out to your subscribers. It will automatically pre-fill it with the name of your subscribers for the data that you have stored in your account.

Again, you can choose through all these different fields using custom fields that you have saved in the account, lots of other things as well, so it’s a pretty cool feature, it’s got lots of options, you really could personalize your messages in a lot of ways. I definitely recommend you test it out and find the personalized options that work best for you.