How can I import my list into GetResponse?

Video transcript:

It’s very easy to import your subscriber list into your GetResponse account. All you need to do is go to Contacts, and then Import Contacts, you can choose the copy and paste method, you could choose another service if you have an account with any of these services that you have subscriber information with, and by integrating your account with them to your GetResponse account it would automatically import the subscriber details you have there into this GetResponse account. But probably the most common method is to upload a file, so you’ll choose Upload File option and then choose the file from your computer. Please be sure that it’s one of these file types that you see listed here, because those are the ones that we can accept and be able to import properly. So let’s just browse and there is my CSV file, so I’ll click open and then click import contacts, so then you’re going to configure the import, and my file only had email addresses, but for example if you had a name or something you would see that below here and you would choose if you actually wanted to import that, but of course we do want to import the email address so we’re going to keep going.

Then you’re going to choose which campaign you want to be importing them into, choose the time based autoresponder settings then click Finish Import and this is what it will look like.

So of course it says, congratulations you have successfully imported two contacts, and so what happens now is that they will be sent to our compliance team to be checked out, to be approved, for the list to be approved. Any time that you do an import, how it works is that the list, before it’s added to the account, before you see them as your subscribers, it’s sent to our compliance team just to check it out just to make sure that the list looks good, not too many bounced email addresses for example and then after that it will be approved and into your account.

So that is how you’ll just import the list, the compliance team will be sent it, it will go through their approval process and once they approve it you’re going to find it in your account.