How can I capture new subscribers on my Facebook fan page?

Video transcript:

If you would like to be able to capture new subscribers on your Facebook page it’s very easy to do that using our Facebook web form app. That’s just going to be able to put a sign up form on your Facebook fan page, and it’s very easy to do this most definitely. Whenever I start and go to the integration, I usually start with the GetResponse blog because it’s got great instructions that we’re going to be going through today.

It’s just and you can just search for Facebook facelift for example, but I’d like to start here because it already has the link to the app already generated for you, so it’s just an easy place to start, so that’s where I start was in this article and I click to be brought to the correct app. So then it also helps if you’re already logged into your Facebook account, so go ahead and login to your Facebook first then visit that article and visit the link and that way they will already be connected. Then you’re going to see you’re almost there, add the fan page, choose one of the pages you have associated with your Facebook account that you would like to add the sign up form to, this is the one I have. Add Page tab, so now I am going to go to my page itself that I am still working on setting up as you can see, scrolling down you can see here is the signup form. So if you’ve got different types of other tabs already here, if you click on this arrow you will be able to rearrange things, you can actually edit the settings of this particular tab, you could change it to whatever you would like. As you can see it changed, that may have been a little bit longer for someone who just wanted to leave to sign up, so this is totally up to you but you can customize what it says.

Okay, so now click on this tab, and now you need to select a web form, and so if you’re already logged into your GetResponse account as well it’s going to see that there, but if this is not the correct account or something or maybe if you have recently changed your password I recommend to logout right here and log back in so we can be sure that we’ve got the right details.

Then once you’ve done that you need to choose the web form, and so this is going to come from the web forms that you have already created in your account, so remember you create web forms by going to Web Forms, Create New. Okay, so that’s how you can create a new web form just in case you haven’t already done that. But what it’s going to do it’s going to go ahead and pull from all the web forms you already have here in the web forms list, okay. You remember those are all associated with different campaigns, so keep that in mind whenever you’re about to select which web form that you’re going to be adding to your Facebook account.

I know that I want to actually add this Send Holiday Updates one, okay and I remember from my account this is associated with the Send Holiday USA campaign, so that’s correct, that’s what I want, so just double check okay which one you’re adding and which one it’s going to be associated with, the campaign, so you can be sure people are going to be added to the proper campaign when they sign up. So you can add a message that they’re going to see on the signup page, for example where you want the web form to be on the page, where you want that message to be, things like that.

Okay, and so now the web form has been saved to the selected campaign, so we can preview it, for example that’s what it could look like, oh I think on my settings I actually had this be a light-box type of web form that would pop up, so you can certainly edit that as well. I’ll do that and show you guys another example if you’d like.

Okay, so I added it back with it being an embedded web form so now you can see again. Signup here to receive our latest updates, for example, now we can see what it looks like from the page itself so I’ll go back to the page. Okay, so it will usually just show you this, so we will just have to look as a preview, but if you logout of your Facebook account and try to visit this page, that way it’s not recognizing you as the admin, because every time you click on the signup tab you’re going to get that view like I’ve been showing you, where you choose the web form and things like that because you’re the admin. But if you want to take a look at your signup form, being just this pretend subscriber, logout of your account, so you can kind of test it or pretend that you’re a new subscriber visiting the page. We can test this if you want as well.

Signup, remember we need to check our confirmation, like we do on the web forms, so I am going to my inbox, confirming, got the thank you page, and then we’ll show you that they were added properly.

So this was, remember this Send Holiday USA, and there I am, just signed up today. It’s very easy to do, so definitely recommend if you would like to test it out for yourself go ahead and logout of your account, of your Facebook account and visit your fan page, because every time you visit the signup tab it’s going to look like this, so basically letting you edit it or things like that. It’s very simple, so I recommend starting out on our blog, where we were earlier, that way you can get the link to the app, then just go through making sure you’re signed into your Facebook account and your GetResponse accounts, choosing the web form, double checking that that web form is associated with the appropriate campaign, choose how you would like the web form aligned and the message, click save and you’re good to go, this has been launched and you can begin to acquire new subscribers from your Facebook visitors.