How can I add a subscriber to one of my campaigns?

Video transcript:

There are a few different ways you can add subscribers to a campaign, the first of which is going to be Contacts, Import Contacts. This is where you can copy and paste customer data into your account, you can also upload a file of contact data so you can choose from these different types of files that you could import, browse it in your computer and then import the contacts. Also you can choose to integrate another service, if you have contacts in any of these services you see here, simply click on the desired one that you have and you can automatically import the contacts there into this GetResponse campaign. I should also mention that with the import tool the list has to first be approved by our compliance team before it’s added to the account, this could take a maximum of two business days, but then you could see it added into the account once it’s approved.

Another method you have is via Contacts, Add Contacts. This is a great tool if you just have a few contacts that you’d like to add, and you can add them instantly into the account. So choose the campaign you want to add them to, manually enter in their name and email address, you can also assign any custom fields, then choose of course that you have permission to add the contact to your list and add the contact.

So it’s a very quick and easy way to add just a few contacts if you’d like.